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3 Ways to Tone Your Butt

Tone Butt

* Bridges w/ yoga block

1)  Lie on your back with a yoga block or something similar between your knees, The block should be several inches wide, so as to get the proper alignment of your hips and knees.

2) With your head flat on the mat, raise your butt off of the ground one vertebra at a time (peeling off).  Make sure not to lift so much where only your head and neck are on the floor.  You should still have your shoulders planted on the ground.

3)  Staying lifted, extend 1 leg out straight (yes, with the block still between your knees).  Make sure to keep your hips even and lifted.

4) Hold for 5 seconds and then repeat with the other leg.

5) After lifting with both legs, roll back down from your upper back , rolling through your spine to your lower back until you are back to your starting position.

6) Start again with from the beginning and repeat at least 5 times.

* Resistance Band Kick-Backs

1) Get on all fours making sure your shoulders are over your hands.  You can also drop to your elbows, like a plank.

2) Grab the resistance band’s ends or handles with both hands.

3) Put one foot in the center of the resistance band.

4) Kick back or push back with your foot then bend your leg back to the starting position and repeat by extending your leg for at least 10 reps.

5) Make sure your hips are levels throughout the movement and draw your navel into your spine to protect your back.

6) Repeat on the other leg.

* Hip Lifts on Stability Ball

1) Lay your back on the stability ball or any other surface. Your hips and legs should be off of the ball in a bridge (like a table top)

2) Without rolling back on the ball or moving your upper back…sink your hips down toward the floor and then lift back up.

3) Repeat for several reps.

4) Make sure your knees are in line over your toes and about hip width apart following that tract throughout the movement.


1) Lay on your back with your legs on the stability ball and your arms out to the side.

2) Put the soles of your feet on the ball with your legs bent.

3) Without moving the ball, bridge your hips up and down tracking your knees like explained previously.

4) Repeat


Please consult your physician before doing any exercises and if something doesn’t feel right or hurts then don’t do it!


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