Gold Membership- Thank you

Congrats and Welcome to Aspire Pilates and Fitness Gold Membership,

We are going to challenge each other over the first  6 weeks to be our best , Fit and Fierce, body!

First thing first: Please login into Facebook and join our exclusive Facebook page : Aspire Pilates and Fitness Fit and Fierce

This is where you will interact with all of the other Aspire Pilates and Fitness Challengers.

What you will receive with you membership:

Exclusive Nutrition newsletter content $39.00 Value


No Off Days- Pilates Sessions- 3 mat classes and 2 Reformer classes per week plus Saturday walking /cardio session for 6 weeks! $750.00 Value

Valued at Almost $800  for just $268.00 That’s 30 Classes for $8.50/Class Don’t miss out on this deal! Unless you got the early bird deal. 

Looking forward to our first session in January!  I will be sending you email and website updates as time approaches.

Here is your link to schedule classes starting January 7th. You will need your schedule Bliss login..hopefully you’ve used the same login for this website. if not, it can be changed for simplicity

Your fellow challenger,

Deborah Lea

CEO Aspire Pilates and Fitness


Health and Fitness from the inside out

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