Aspire Pilates & Fitness FAQ

1) I’ve never done Pilates before. How do I get started?

If you are interested in PNK classes (Pilates, TRX, Cardio), you can start with a casual class or purchase a pack or monthly membership. Please register online Here before your first class.

If you are specifically interested in Reformer Pilates, we offer 2 options for new clients:

a) Intro SessionFor a special price of $40 you get a one-hour private Reformer session on a date and time of your choosing with an instructor. We will introduce you to the Reformer machine and familiarize you with the principles of Pilates and terminology so you ultimately feel comfortable moving on the reformer before joining a group reformer class. Please bring socks to wear on the Reformer and arrive right at your appointment start time. You may purchase this Here

b) Starter Package-For a special price of $189 you get 3- one hour private Reformer session on a date and time of your choosing with an instructor. And 3- Classes plus Pilates Reformer socks.  You will be all set with everything you need. You may purchase this Here

2) I’ve done Matwork Pilates before, but never Reformer. What is my best option?

We do ask that you complete a private Reformer session with an instructor before entering into a regular group Reformer class for your benefit and the benefit of the others in the class. We want to spend the time to make sure you are comfortable with the terminology and principles of Pilates so that you can confidently practise them throughout your classes at the studio knowing you are exercising safely and with proper form. You may chose between the Intro Session  or Starter Package.

3) What should I wear to Pilates?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing in which you can move freely. We ask that you wear socks in the Reformer class for hygienic reasons and safety reasons. Pilates socks with grips along the sole are available for purchase in the studio. For PNK Classes athletic shoes will be used, as well as, Pilates socks.

4) Should I bring anything to class?

Towels are provided at the studio but you may bring your own. Socks for Reformer and PNK classes, athletic shoes for PNK classes, and a water bottle. Mats and equipment are provided for your mat classes, but of course you may bring your own  mat if you like. Pilates socks with grips along the sole are available for purchase in the studio.

5) How many classes a week is recommended?

For beginners, it is wise to start with one Pilates class a week to see how your body feels after your Pilates workout. If you are quite fit, you can try starting with two classes a week. If you are experienced with the Reformer and fit, you may do as many classes a week as you wish, but always remember to listen to your body and allow it to recover at least one day a week. Many of our clients enjoy doing one of our Memberships as they offer some variety, unlimited classes, and a great overall body workout. To get the best results, it is recommended to do a variety of workouts so that you are continually challenging your muscles, therefore we offer a variety of different classes with varying levels of intensity.

6) I have a lower back injury/pain. Is Pilates safe for me to do?

As long as you are cleared by your physician/physical therapist, Pilates is a fabulous way to help alleviate lower back pain or rehabilitate after a back injury. Traditional crunches only work the outermost abdominal muscles. Pilates strengthens the entire core region – including the deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, lumbar extensors, and buttocks – to completely stabilize the spine and lumbopelvic region, bringing the body into correct alignment and helping to alleviate the pain. Please inform instructors prior to class of your condition and never do any exercise that causes any pain in the lower back. Depending on your condition and if you are under the care of a physiotherapist, you may benefit from Private Sessions with an instructor.

7) Do you accept walk-ins?

Because of the nature of our studio, instructors are only here during class times or private sessions during which they are occupied with clients. We ask that you book in online ahead of time for one of our new client packages. If you are coming to a group class as a new client, please arrive 5 minutes prior to class start time to fill in your new client contact information and health history questionnaire. If you are coming to your introductory New Client Private Reformer Session, you can arrive right at the appointment start time. it is best to call ahead to arrange a time as we may be with clients or in a class.

8) Why is there a 12 hour cancellation policy?.

We have a 12 hour cancellation policy because we are a professional studio and our teachers reserve the time and keep it available for each client. They are booked by the hour in each shift. Twelve hours allows the studio and teacher to book another client and fill that void. We know that unforeseen emergencies come up. However, traffic, work and being under the weather are cancellations so please always cancel ahead of time if you foresee that happening. I’m happy that Aspire Pilates and Fitness goes above and beyond for our clients.  We allow 1 Cancellation per month per package as a “grace” cancellation.  After the grace cancellation, there will be a $10 charge on unlimited packages and all other packages will lose a session. No exceptions. Please see Cancellation Policy

9) Am I guaranteed a certain number of sessions if I buy an unlimited package?

 All classes are first come/first serve.  Aspire Pilates and Fitness does not guarantee a certain number of sessions.  As a small business, we work very hard to get you in to the classes you want. Our typical customer with an Unlimited Class package enjoys 3 or more classes per week.  Please schedule your classes HERE

*For guaranteed times we offer private and duet sessions. Please contact the studio if you are interested in these sessions.

10) How is Aspire Pilates and Fitness able to offer Reformer classes at such a low price compared to all other Pilates studios?

Aspire Pilates and Fitness is a Boutique studio that offers personal and professional attention that big box studio and gyms cannot provide. We are committed to offer the best of Pilates and Fitness at affordable prices for the benefit of the community.  We feel consistency and community are more important.

11) How many students are in a class?

Aspire Pilates and Fitness prides itself in offering personal and professional attention. A class is a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 so that social distancing is maintained. As we add more class times, the minimum may fall under for a short amount of time.  If we are unable to grow the class at that specific time, we will consider converting the time slot to a semi-private Duet class.

12) How do you keep Reformer Classes interesting?

Aspire Pilates and Fitness prides itself in keeping classes fun, creative and innovative so that you never get bored.  We add nutrition and fitness challenges to keep everyone motivated and accountable. We spend a lot of time on continuing education so that our members get the latest, greatest, safest and innovative classes. Some examples are our PNK classes that add Pilates, TRX, Cardio and Stretching to provide a class that addresses everything you need: cardio strength , conditioning and flexibility.  Please see our class schedule HERE

13) How long are classes?

Classes are officially 50 minutes but tend to go a bit long.

14) I need moral support, can I bring a friend?

Of course! We love community at Aspire Pilates and Fitness it is really fun and inclusive and is the best part of our studio. Have your friend sign up for the same class you’re going to. Or better yet, meet a new friend at the studio! If you want a specific time, we are open to starting a duet (1 friend) or class (bring 2 friends) if there is room on the schedule. 


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