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IT Band- What a Pain!

The IT Band syndrome is a typical overuse injury that usually occurs to runners and bikers.  Running and biking can sometimes cause an overuse injury, such as, IT band syndrome, even in the most advanced or seasoned athletes.

IT Band

The IT Band, short for Iliotibial band,  is the ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin.

IT Band
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Do you have a Tight IT Band?

If it’s tight there will be pain and swelling on the outside of the knee, sometimes mistaken for a knee injury.

Always ask a doctor, but one way to tell is to bend your knee at 90 degrees and if the outside of your knee hurts then it may be IT band.

Some causes of IT band syndrome
  • uphill or downhill running
  • worn out shoes
  • poor running form
  • weak hips
  • knee turns in slightly when you run
 What to do?
  • Decrease mileage until it feels better
  • Change running route so that change directions
  • Try not to run on a slope or uneven surface
  • Apply ice and heat
  • Roll on a foam roller from hip to knee
  • Stretch- see below

Two of the best stretches that I have seen are  below:

  1. Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray IT Band Stretch 
  2. Stretch- Stand with legs crossed and with “affected” leg behind. Lean toward unaffected side and hold.  Then Repeat.  If it’s the IT band then you will feel this stretch immediately

I am not a doctor, please see your doctor to determine the extent of your injury and for the treatment best for you.

Updated 4/23/2014 to correct misspellings.