crow pose

March Workout Challenge- Let’s Do This

I’m challenging everyone to accomplish one new exercise , move or pose this month.   Choose something that you were never able to do before.  It doesn’t matter what it is…it can be standing on one leg for 30 seconds;  if you were not able to do it before,  it counts.

Here are a few examples of exercises or new moves to challenge your body and challenge you to believe that you can achieve more than you ever thought!

Here are some ideas for exercises:

Crow Pose/Crane Pose-

This is my personal challenge for the month because I’ve never been able to do this pose  (pictured above).  I will also choose one exercise challenge.

  • 1. Bending the knees slightly, bring your palms flat on the floor about shoulder distance apart.
  • 2. Place the knees on the back of the upper arms.
  • 3. Start to come forward, lifting the head as you go.
  • 4. Take feet off the floor, one at a time, so you come to balance with both feet up.

Looking up  YouTube videos will also be helpful.

Pike Push-up-

  • 1. Begin in push-up position with hands in a wide diamond (fingers pointing toward each other).
  • 2. Bend at waist, lifting hips up and coming onto toes (walk them in a bit if needed) so body forms upside-down “V”. Bend elbows to lower head toward hands.


  • 1. Sit on floor or mat. Lie supine with hands on floor over head.
  • 2. Simultaneously raise straight legs and torso. Reach toward raised feet. Return to starting position. Repeat.

The Contest

*Comment on what exercise  you choose to challenge yourself with this month. Remember choose anything, not just what is outlined here.

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*Then share my blog on your Facebook page and your name will be submitted into a drawing.  I will be giving a $50 G.C. to Sports Authority or if you are one of my clients you can choose to apply it to your training package. Drawing will take place on March 15th, 2014 at noon. 


Please consult a physician before attempting any exercise and always listen to your body.  If something doesn’t feel right, DON’T DO IT!

O.K.  Let’s Go!!