Turmeric- The Slimmed Down Version

My last post, on Turmeric, was so long, I couldn’t even get through it all.  I guess I thought I was writing a college paper.  But in all seriousness, there is so much information, it was hard to condense.  But I’m going to try now.  Please refer back to here for the detailed content.

Research shows :

  •  Slowed Tumor Growth
  • Decreased Spread of Cancer Cells
  • Cancer Cell (Death)
  • Decrease Size & Number of Pre-Cancerous Lesions in Intestinal Tract

Problem- Bio-availability

  • We don’t absorb it well
  • We metabolize it Fast
  • Our body eliminates it quickly

Ways to Increase Absorption

  • Adding Biperine–  extracted  from Black Pepper- some studies show increase absorption by 1.5 fold
  •  Adding Phospholids– studies show increase absorption by 3.4 fold
  •  Micro emulsion system of curcumin,-which consists of Capryol 90 (oil), Cremophor RH40 (surfactant), and Transcutol P aqueous solution (co-surfactant)Emulsions- increase absorption by 22.6 fold
  •  Curcumin with a micellar surfactant (polysorbate) shown to increase the absorption of curcumin in mice 9.0-fold
  • Polylactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) and PLGA-polyethylene glycol (PEG) (PLGA-PEG) blend nanoparticles increased curcumin absorption by 15.6- and 55.4-fold, respectively, compared to an aqueous suspension of curcumin in rats .

Best Companies (in my opinion)

Other Top Products:

*Longvida uses lipid-based forms of curcumin to increase the bioavailability.

Go here for the study:  Longvida Study

Longvida® RD- 60 caps

*Theracumin–  they increase bioavailability by decreasing the particle size to 0.19 to 0.3 μm—a reduction of over 100 times.

I hope this helps with slimming down the previous post. Again, please go here for detailed information.

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