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Online Programs & Coaching

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Aspire Pilates & Fitness is now offering online program, challenges and coaching. Going by the name of FitX (Sugar Land Fitness Express) 

Online coaching is a great way to work out that is cost effective and convenient. No longer are the days that you have to rely on the location of a gym and the schedule of a trainer. You can get fit even if your schedule is crazy and your budget is tight. That’s awesome, right?

What do you get with online programs and coaching?

1) Immediate access to me (Deborah Lea M.S.,R.D., CSCS, Pilates Instructor)

2) Community access

3) Daily Challenges to keep you on track

4) Food Diary

5) Free App

What Programs Do you offer?

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Six Weeks to a New You!

Six Weeks to a New You! Want to decrease inflammation and body fat?

6 weeks of YOU, Me, your Energy, your Awesomeness, and your Sweat! No equipment needed in this program as we focus on burning calories, scorching fat, and having tons of fun!

Who– Everyone

When– Prep Week Jan 2

Challenge Starts Jan 9th

Earn points for everything you do everyday and keep track with your own app. 

You will get 3 lists of foods that decrease inflammation and body fat and keep track by logging your food, exercise ,water, and every week you will get an exercise challenge with videos to help progress you.

Don;t let the New year get away. Join Our "Aspire 45 Challenge" Now!
Only $39.99

The Gut-Brain Connection: How To Feed Your Brain

You know that you can have gastrointestinal symptoms when
you’re stressed or nervous. We’ve all experienced that.

 But, you may have
also heard about the “gut-brain connection.” That your
gastrointestinal system, lovingly called the “gut,” not only talks to
your brain (yes, talks “to” your brain) but is kind of its own brain
(a “second brain”).

And that it may influence your actual brain.

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How to Naturally Lower Stress Hormone (Cortisol)

Stress is everywhere these days. We feel it when we wake up, when things happen during the day, and we even take it to bed with us.

It’s chronic. And it’s not awesome for your health.

When we’re stressed our body reacts in a couple of ways, one is by releasing the stress hormone cortisol.

And you can imagine that there are natural ways you can lower it.

So check out my list of recommendations to reduce cortisol. Then indulge in my de-stressing dessert recipe.

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