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The Perfect Workout


Perfect workout2I think this is the perfect workout because it burns a lot of calories, and you are in the fat burning zone for 1/2 the time and the cardio zone for the other half.  This workout , which includes 1 set as is and the 2nd set for 1/2 the reps. Ending with lower back exercises and stretches.   Have fun!

Field Workout

Shake things up with your workouts!  Today I took the policeman out to the field to do some intervals.  We set up stations at each of the corners of the football field then sprinted the straights and curves of the field.   We then repeated it 4 times.  But you can set up something different each time to incorporate other exercises in the workout.

At the end of our workout we added some lunges and abdominal exercises and finally the stretch.


Notes: Please ask for your doctor’s advice  before exercising.  If something doesn’t feel right then stop immediately.